I spoke to showerthoughts, an instagram profile and Araceli Segura’s alter ego. She is a funny and sometimes cynical New Yorker who decided to wear the same white suit for the entire month of April. Even if it may not seem like it, there’s more to showerthoughts than just funny comics.

Read more about her thoughts on sustainable fashion, her alter ego and her very bold move in the interview.

How would you describe showerthoughts?

Showerthoughts is a cynical but hopeful young woman who delivers the hard truth and speaks for women who feel like they can’t.

IMG_20190409_151505photo from instagram @showerthoughts.nyc

How did the idea of SINNERTHOUGHTS occur to you and why did you call it sinner thoughts?

The concept of Sinnerthoughts came from the idea of myself being a sinner when it came to taking care of the planet. I am a millennial who wants to be sustainable and wants to use my power in order to promote sustainability but like everyone – I have “bad” and hypocritical but honest thoughts that are not very eco friendly.

What is #sinnerthoughts or the white suit project?

The Sinnerthoughts project of the white suit consists of Showerthoughts/me wearing the same organic white suit for a month in order to inspire other people to follow the four pillars of fashion sustainability, but also change a lot of the bad habits in my lifestyle to be sustainable in every way I can.

IMG_20190409_151551photo from instagram @aracelisegurav

You say that you were inspired by Marina Testino for the white suit project. Did you have any second thoughts?

Yes, Marina wore the same suit for 2 months and I know a lot of the challenges she faced – but I thought that if she did it, so could I. I knew it was risky (Especially wearing white) but in order to make a radical change you always have to make a bold move. (But I did think about it for like a month and I had to wait until the weather got better)

Did you have any difficulties choosing an item of clothing that you were about to wear for the whole month of April? What were you thinking about when choosing what to wear for one month?

I thought about what I like to wear, what makes me feel comfortable and tried to think of something I could wear in different occasions, especially work since I work in a very corporate office environment. I also wanted something I could wear with a variety of shoes and to have the opportunity of altering one piece of clothing (in this case, my shirt) to show that you can have many looks with very simple and few pieces.

You are now one week into this challenge. Did you already face any difficulties?

Yes! I have to be very careful at restaurants and bars. The weather has also been a complicated factor – I didnt think it would still be so cold! But I am allowed to wear vintage jackets and socks if I need to, so it was okay. I hope I don’t need to go to any special occasions, but I did have a date this weekend and was scared I would look a little weird but I managed to pull it off.

Do you think you’re going to make it or fail miserably? 

I think it’s possible to keep it up. My coworkers will definitely start questioning my outfits but as long as I don’t get fired I don’t really think its a big deal. And obviously its not realistic to wear the same thing forever but so far – you totally can.

The white suit already survived a night out. What is the limit, if the limit even exists? What would be an absolute deal breaker for you, for example a moment when you’d say »No, sorry, I cannot wear this white suit to this event« ?

Maybe if I have a super important event like a wedding or a gala. So far I don’t. It does require a lot of personality and alcohol to wear this suit or the same thing all the time, but hopefully people start to become more aware and informed of the project and respect it.

Will you try and wear more sustainable fashion brands after this challenge is over?

Absolutely. I’ve always been very into vintage clothing and try to minimize my wardrobe all the time but I think from now on I really want to only purchase organic pieces because I feel better and would like to remain a sustainable icon.

What would you advise someone who is trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and is even maybe thinking about doing this challenge?

To follow at least one of the four pillars or fashion sustainability – rent, borrow, buy sustainably or buy vintage or second-hand. To read about fashion consumerism in order to be well informed about how we can help and be better.
During this project I’ve noticed a lot more habits that I should be changing, from asking for receipts and bags to putting avocados or bananas in plastic bags that are so unnecessary!
So there’s a lot of ways to be more sustainable and it can be as simple as being an outfit repeater.

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